Fibre is the worlds fastest internet technology.
Using pulses of light travelling through ultra-thin glass fibres, users are able to connect all over the world at the speed of light.


Business Parks


iHost Domain partners and invests in developers, estates, business parks and complexes to
provide complete fibre installations.

This network adds value to all units while providing multiple utilities. A development that has an integrated fibre network gains a high-speed, low latency internet connection. In addition, the fibre network can facilitate many other services. Such as a network for a CCTV and security system, access control and internal communications. A fibre network replaces the need for traditional copper ADSL and landlines. DSTV connection can also be routed through the network, removing every unit’s need to have a satellite dish.

Would you like us to bring fibre to your community?
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iHost Domain utilises world-class wireless technology to build a broad wireless network in Ballito and
surrounding areas.

This technology enables us to provide a high-speed, low latency internet connection to customers.

Home Premium

Uncapped & unthrottled – No contracts – Optimised for home users – Contention 1:10

A once off installation cost is required for all wireless packages.

Business Premium

Uncapped & unthrottled – No contracts – Optimised for businesses – Contention 1:10


Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) enables our customers to disconnect the old landline and use their internet connection to make and receive phone calls as you would on a traditional landline. This service is cost-saving, reliable and includes many features not available on a landline.


We offer several I.T sales and support services. Whether you need assistance for your home office or business, we provide support and complete I.T. solutions for our customers.


If you’re launching a new website or migrating your current site to a new home, we are capable of managing your hosting needs. We create customised hosting packages to meet your specific needs and assist with the migration of your site,
regular backups and site maintenance.


We design and build customised WordPress websites for brands. A website is the core of any businesses online presence. Combined with a digital marketing campaign, your website can reach millions of potential customers.